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Passion for fashion inspired from old movies & encouraged by dear family

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My special affection for jewelry started in my parents' house with stories about my romantic father making self-made jewelry to my mother. My professional path started in the art of movie making, which I've got my BFA in, while participating in several projects in the movie production industry I started exploring the jewelry art making by studying from some of the best goldsmiths in Israel.
In 2009 I've established my own brand that carries my name with my partner, now my husband, Shay. In 2011 I've graduated with honors internship in gemology and diamonds.
Today, my designs are naturally inspired from the styling that was common in the first half of the 20th century as it is often shown in the movies of that time that I love alongside with modern international updated fashion trends.
Jewelry exist from the beginning of history, they are endless & they tell us a story about the time they were made and the nature of those who wore them. That magic that happens between a women & the piece of jewelry she's wearing intrigues me & make me happy every single time. Every woman has the jewelries color & shape that suit her best & help her emphasize her grace & lighten up her face. Under this perception I've created a very unique collection of jewelry made of gold and precious stones as well as fashion jewelry and accessories.
I strive to make classic, elegant, noble jewelry that would fit any women, at any age, anywhere in the world. Enjoy your time here at my new international online boutique shop.
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